Dimdaa Online Specials!

Terms of Use

1.1. (the "Website") is a group buying site, allowing its users to access the products and/or services of third parties at discounted prices, by enabling its users to purchase promotional coupons ("Coupons") for certain products and/or services ("Products") offered by such third parties suppliers ("Merchants").
1.2. The Website is owned and operated by Dimdaa, a division of Idiama Systems Solutions, ("Dimdaa", "us" or "our"). Dimdaa enables Merchants to promote their Products and related Coupons, and enables Website users to buy such Coupons.
1.3. Visitors to the site ("Users" or "you"), including those Users who purchase any Coupons via the Website ("Purchasers") are bound by these terms and conditions ("T&C"). These T&C constitute a legally binding contract between you and Dimdaa. If you do not agree to these T&C, do not continue to use the Website. Your continued use of the Website will constitute acceptance of the T&C, unmodified by you.

2. General restrictions on use
2.1. Age restriction: The Website and services available to Users via the Website ("Services") may only be used, and Coupons may only be purchased, by persons who are at least 18 years of age and who have the legal capacity to conclude legally binding contracts. By using any of the services available via the Website and/or purchasing Coupons, you warrant that you are at least 18 years old and that you have the legal capacity to conclude legally binding contracts.
2.2. Geographic restriction: Merchants are based in Ghana, their Coupons only being redeemable within Ghana, and then usually only redeemable at a specific geographic location within Ghana, during a specific time period. Consequently, before purchasing a Coupon, please take note of when and where such Coupon is redeemable to ensure that you are personally available at such time and place to redeem it unless you are purchasing such Coupon as a gift for someone else in accordance with 7.3 below).

3. Registering for a user account
3.1. The Website enables you to register online for a User account ("User Account"). Although you need not have a User Account in order to browse the Website, you will need to have a User Account and be logged into it in order to purchase Coupons. Your User Account will enable you to view a record of all the Coupon purchases you have made via the Website.
3.2. You may only hold one User Account, and in opening it, must be acting on your own behalf in your personal capacity. You may not act as an agent for another person or open a User Account for another person. Beneficial ownership of User Accounts is not permitted.
3.3. To obtain a User Account you must provide Dimdaa with the following accurate information: your full names, date of birth, and your personal, permanent, valid and active email address which you access regularly.
3.4. Should you register for and/or log into your User Account via Facebook (which you may be able to do), then you understand and agree that Facebook will then disclose to us such of your information as Facebook may have on record as being information which you have allowed them to share with others, as per your Facebook privacy settings. You can restrict the information Facebook shares with us (or anyone else), by changing the privacy settings on your Facebook account.
3.5. When you register for a User Account, a temporary password will be emailed to you. You will be able to change such password once you have logged into your User Account. Your User Account username and password must be kept confidential by you at all time and not be disclosed to other persons for any reason. Dimdaa will not be liable for any losses, expenses or damages you suffer, or third party claims made against you, which arise from your having disclosed your username and/or password to a third party.
3.6. Dimdaa reserves the right to deny you a User Account, or to deny you access to certain or all of the services available to Users via the Website ("Services"), for any reason we in our sole discretion deem fit, including but not limited to suspected fraudulent activities, because you pose an unacceptable level of risk to us and/or any Merchants, or because you were previously suspended from using the Services.

4. Merchants & their Coupon Deals
Dimdaa markets Merchants' promotional offers ("Deals") as follows:
4.1. Each Deal comprises an offer by the Merchant, for a limited period of time ("Deal Period") of a certain maximum number of Coupons, each redeemable against certain specified Product/s, where the price payable for each Coupon is less than the Merchant's standard price for such Product/s. Consequently, Coupons under any Deal will be available for purchase until (a) the expiry of the Deal Period or (b) the maximum Coupons available under such Deal have been purchased by Users, whichever occurs first.
4.2. Each Deal is subject to its own terms and conditions ("Deal Conditions"), including, for example, that –
4.2.1. Coupons thereunder may only be redeemed on certain days and/or times;
4.2.2. You may only purchase one Coupon thereunder; and/or
4.2.3. If you are entitled to purchase more than one Coupon, that such Coupons only be redeemable on separate occasions (and not all at once).
Consequently, it is your responsibility to ensure that you read the Deal Conditions applicable to any specific Deal before purchasing a Coupon thereunder.
4.3. Many Deals are subject to a minimum number of Coupons being purchased, at which point (the so-called 'Tipping Point'), the Deal, and all Coupons purchased and to be purchased thereunder become activated and binding on the Merchant. Coupons purchased under any such Deal are not activated, and will not be delivered, until the Tipping Point has been reached. If the Tipping Point is not reached within the Deal Period, then the Deal lapses, and all Coupons purchased thereunder similarly lapse, and the relevant Purchasers will be fully refunded. Each Deal will indicate what the Tipping Point is, and whether such Tipping Point has been reached yet or not.
4.4. In purchasing a Coupon, you will be entering into a contract with the Merchant making such Coupon available, for the supply of the relevant Products to you, on the terms and conditions attached to such Coupon and/or Deal. Consequently, the Merchant, and not Dimdaa, is the seller to you of the Product/s and solely responsible for providing you with the Product/s and for redeeming any Coupon purchased.

5. Prices of Coupons
5.1. Coupons for Products are generally priced at a value substantially less than the Merchant's standard price for such Products. Both the Coupon price, and the Merchant's standard price for the relevant Products, will be displayed on the Website
5.2. The displayed Coupon is inclusive of value-added tax ("VAT") and there are no additional delivery charges or other charges payable for Coupons.
5.3. Errors: Although all reasonable efforts are taken to ensure that prices are accurately indicated, you acknowledge that errors can occur and that Merchants' standard pricing may change from time to time. However, should a Coupon be erroneously offered at the incorrect price, although you will not be entitled or obliged to purchase such Coupon at such incorrect price, you will be refunded any monies already paid by you should you not wish to proceed with the purchase at the correct price.

6. Payment methods
6.1. The price for each Coupon is payable into Dimdaa's bank account and is only paid to the relevant Merchant upon redemption by the Purchaser of such Coupon in exchange for the relevant Product/s.
6.2. You will be able to make payment into Dimdaa's bank account in any one of the following ways:
6.2.1. At the time of making your Coupon purchase, the transaction details are presented to the bank and an authorization is obtained for the Coupon price. If such authorization is not obtained, the purchase will be cancelled. If authorization is obtained, payment in respect of the Coupon may be collected immediately.
6.2.2. Mobile Money Payment: If you select to pay via any mobile money platform, instructions will be given on how to make that payment, provided that (a) the exact amount must be paid; and (b) you must identify the payment by supplying the unique reference number allocated to your payment by the mobile payment provider when requested to.
6.2.3. Dimdaa account credits: To the extent that you have any credits accumulated in your User Account, you will be able to utilize such credits to pay for Coupons, provided that the full Coupon price must be paid using such credits.

7. Purchasing a Coupon
7.1. You will only have completed your purchase of a Coupon from a Merchant if –
7.1.1. you enter the requested credit card information;
7.1.2. you click to indicate your acceptance of these T&C and the relevant Deal Conditions;
7.1.3. your payment for the Coupon has been successfully authorized; and
7.1.4. Dimdaa sends you a confirmation email that the transaction has been concluded.
7.2. Should the relevant Deal be subject to a Tipping Point, your purchase of the relevant Coupon will be conditional upon the Tipping Point being reached. If such Tipping Point is not reached, then your Coupon purchase will lapse, and you will be fully refunded.
7.3. Sometimes you may be able to purchase a Coupon as a gift for someone else, to be redeemable by such person only. Should you wish to do so, you must click on the 'buy as a gift' link and provide additional information regarding the recipient of the Coupon, being their name and email address. In such instances, such Coupon ("Gift Coupon") will only be redeemable by the recipient identified by you.
7.4. Limited availability: Stocks of all Coupons are limited. You cannot reserve a Coupon for purchase later. Unless and until we confirm the purchase has been completed, no purchase shall have occurred and if the maximum numbers of Coupons available under the relevant Deal sell out prior to you finalising your purchase, the Coupon will no longer be available for purchase.
7.5. Cancelling a Coupon purchase:
7.5.1. By Dimdaa: Dimdaa reserves the right, for purposes of preventing suspected fraud, to refuse to accept or process payment on any Coupon purchase, and/or to cancel any Coupon purchase concluded between you and the relevant Merchant, on notice to you. Dimdaa shall only be liable to refund monies already paid by you and accepts no other liability which may arise as a result of such refusal to process your Coupon purchase.
7.5.2. By You: You may cancel any Coupon purchase for a full refund –
- at any stage prior to the Tipping Point being reached, if any, for the particular Deal;
- if you notify us within 2 weeks of the deal concluding.
- If, during the Coupon's validity period the relevant Merchant has not accepted the Coupon in exchange for the relevant Product/s or service in accordance with the Deal Conditions.
- Cancellations may be effected on written notice to Dimdaa by contacting us at info@dimdaa.com

8. Delivery of Coupons
8.1. Any Coupon purchased by you will, subject to the Tipping Point having been reached and confirmation that the payment has cleared in our bank account or our mobile money accounts , be available in your User Account and be delivered electronically to the email address or to the mobile number associated with your User Account depending on your preference. Gift Coupons will be emailed to the relevant specified recipient's email address.
8.2. Delivery periods are only regarded as having commenced upon payment confirmation being received by Dimdaa, or the relevant Tipping Point having been reached, whichever occurs later, but you acknowledge that due to the unpredictability of the internet and mobile network conditions, it could take up to 12 hours. However, should you not have received your Coupon within 24 hours of your purchase or the Tipping Point having been reached (as the case may be), please contact us at info@dimdaa.com to report the problem so that we can do whatever is reasonably required to resolve it.:
8.3. Neither Dimdaa nor the Merchant will be responsible for any lost or stolen Coupons or Coupon reference numbers.

9. Redeeming Coupons for Products
9.1. Each Coupon can only be redeemed as follows:
9.1.1. by the Purchaser thereof personally (meaning you cannot transfer or assign a Coupon you have purchased to anyone else and no one else will be able to redeem it) save where the Purchaser has purchased a Gift Coupon in accordance with clause 7.3, in which case the Gift Coupon will only be redeemable by the recipient identified by the Purchaser;
9.1.2. while it is still valid, it's expiry date not being able to be extended, it being recorded for clarity that Coupons constitute promotional coupons and not pre-paid vouchers;
9.1.3. at the specific Merchant, and towards the specific Product/s, relevant to the Coupon (meaning that Coupons can't be exchanged for cash or anything else);
9.1.4. at such place/s, time/s and manner as may be indicated in/on such Coupon and/or the relevant Deal Conditions;
9.1.5. in its entirety only, and not incrementally.
9.2. Please note that in purchasing Coupons from a Merchant, you are contracting with the relevant Merchant and not Dimdaa, and the Product/s you redeem such Coupon for are the Merchant's Product/s, not Dimdaa's. Dimdaa's role in this regard is limited to providing to you and Merchants the platform through which Merchants can market and sell their Coupons to you and receive payment therefor from you. This means that a Merchant is solely responsible for the fulfillment of any Coupon purchased from it and Dimdaa shall not be liable in any way therefor. Your rights and obligations under any Coupon purchase from a Merchant will be as specified in the Deal Conditions as read with these T&C. Furthermore, in redeeming such Coupon for the Merchant's Product/s, you will be subject to the Merchant's terms and conditions of supply.
9.3. It is within the Merchant's discretion, whether it will allow you to combine a Coupon with any other Coupon, promotion, voucher or certificate relevant to such Merchant.
9.4 The Dimdaa Buyer Protection Guarantee!

Please note the Dimdaa Buyer Protection Guarantee. It says:

"We’re confident in the businesses we feature on Dimdaa and back them with this Dimdaa Buyer Protection Guarantee. If your experience using your Coupon ever lets you down, we’ll return the purchase price of your Coupon, either as cash or as a Dimdaa Credit. Simple as that."

9.4. Should you –
9.4.1. ever having trouble redeeming your Coupon or are dissatisfied with the service offered by a merchant, we are here to help. We approach refund requests for unredeemed vouchers in this straightforward way: our first response will always be to try and help you receive the experience you purchased. if we can’t assist you in redeeming your voucher, we will offer you Dimdaa Credit to try another experience. if you don’t want Dimdaa Credit to use towards another offer because Dimdaa has let you down and it’s within the validity period, we’ll return the purchase price of your Coupon. if a business closes permanently, we will always honour returns for unredeemed Coupons. if you’ve already redeemed your Coupon, and you are disappointed with your purchase, please contact us and we’ll evaluate returns on a case-by-case basis.
9.5 Should you receive any unsolicited communications from any Merchant that are unrelated to any Coupon purchases made by you from such Merchant, please notify Dimdaa thereof at info@dimdaa.com so we can take such measures as we deem appropriate. However, although Dimdaa reserves the right to become involved in any disputes between you and a Merchant in an attempt to resolve same, Dimdaa is not obliged to do so and any disputes must be resolved between you and the relevant Merchant alone.

10. Transaction records
10.1 A full record of every Coupon purchase made by you via the Website shall be maintained in your User Account on the Website for a period of 12 months following the date of such purchase. You shall thus only be able to view and print such record during such period, thereafter; you shall be responsible for retaining your own record of the relevant purchase.

10.2 In some instances, the website maybe subject to technical upgrades that might result in Coupon loss. In these instances, we shall endeavor to By using this site, you agree not to hold us liable to such losses.

11. Prohibited conduct
11.1. You undertake not to use or permit anyone else to use the Service or Website:
11.1.1. to send or receive any material which is distasteful, threatening, grossly offensive, of an indecent, obscene or menacing character, blasphemous or defamatory of any person, in contempt of court or in breach of confidence, copyright, rights of personality, publicity or privacy or any other third party rights;
11.1.2. to send or receive any material for which you have not obtained all necessary licences and/or approvals (from us or third parties); or which constitutes or encourages conduct that would be considered a criminal offence, give rise to civil liability, or otherwise be contrary to the law of or infringe the rights of any third party in any country in the world;
11.1.3. to send or receive any material which is technically harmful (including computer viruses, logic bombs, Trojan horses, worms, harmful components, corrupted data or other malicious software or harmful data);
11.1.4. to cause annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety;
11.1.5. to intercept or attempt to intercept any communications transmitted by way of a telecommunications system;
11.1.6. for any fraudulent purpose or purpose other than which we have designed them or intended them to be used ;
11.1.7. other than in conformance with accepted Internet practices and practices of any connected networks; or
11.1.8. in any way which is calculated to incite hatred against any ethnic, religious or any other minority or is otherwise calculated to adversely affect any individual, group or entity.
11.2. The following uses of the Website, Services, and Coupons are expressly prohibited and you undertake not to do (or to permit anyone else to do) any of the following:
11.2.1. furnishing false data including false names, addresses and contact details and fraudulent use of credit/debit card numbers;
11.2.2. reselling the Website, Services or any Coupon;
11.2.3. attempting to circumvent our security or network including accessing data not intended for you, logging into a server or account you are not expressly authorized to access, or probing the security of other networks (such as running a port scan);
11.2.4. accessing the Service (or Website) in such a way as to, or commit any act that would or does, impose an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on our infrastructure;
11.2.5. executing any form of network monitoring which will intercept data not intended for you;
11.2.6. sending unsolicited mail messages, including the sending of "junk mail" or other advertising material to individuals who did not specifically request such material. You are explicitly prohibited from sending unsolicited bulk mail messages. This includes bulk mailing of commercial advertising, promotional, or informational announcements, and political or religious tracts. Such material may only be sent to those who have explicitly requested it. If a recipient asks to stop receiving email of this nature, you may not send that person any further email;
11.2.7. creating or forwarding "chain letters" or other "pyramid schemes" of any type, whether or not the recipient wishes to receive such mailings;
11.2.8. sending malicious email, including flooding a user or site with very large or numerous emails;
11.2.9. entering into fraudulent interactions or transactions with us or a Merchant (which shall include entering into interactions or transactions purportedly on behalf of a third party where you have no authority to bind that third party or you are pretending to be a third party);
11.2.10. using the Service or Website (or any relevant functionality of either of them) in breach of this Agreement;
11.2.11. unauthorized use, or forging, of mail header information;
11.2.12. engaging in any unlawful activity in connection with the use of the Website and/or the Service or any Coupon; or
11.2.13. engaging in any conduct which, in our exclusive reasonable opinion, restricts or inhibits any other customer from properly using or enjoying the Website and Service.
11.3. You may not register an email address which is not your own personal email address. Furthermore, you may not use proxy internet protocol addresses (IP addresses) in order to attempt to hide the use of multiple User Accounts;

12.1. Save for any liability imposed by applicable Ghanaian statutory laws on Dimdaa, neither Dimdaa nor any of its agents or representatives shall be liable for any damage, loss or liability of whatsoever nature arising from the use or inability to use this Website or the services or content provided from and through this Website. Furthermore, Dimdaa makes no representations or warranties, implied or otherwise, that, among others, the content and technology available from this Website are free from errors or omissions or that the service will be 100% uninterrupted and error free. You are encouraged to report any possible malfunctions and errors to info@dimdaa.com
12.2. Although the Products you redeem your Coupons for may be under warranty, the Website itself is supplied on an "as is" basis and has not been compiled or supplied to meet your individual requirements. It is your sole responsibility to satisfy yourself prior to accepting these T&C that the service available from and through this Website will meet your individual requirements and be compatible with your hardware and/or software.
12.3. Information, ideas and opinions expressed on this Website should not be regarded as professional advice or the official opinion of Dimdaa and you are encouraged to consult professional advice before taking any course of action related to information, ideas or opinions expressed on this Website.

13. Privacy
13.1. Types of information we collect: You agree that we may electronically collect, store and/or use the following of your information:
13.1.1. name and surname, birth date ("Personal Details");
13.1.2. e-mail address, physical address, mobile number, and credit card billing address ("Contact Details");
13.1.3. the credit card number, cardholder name and expiration date you submit to us in respect of your credit card(s) ("Card Details");
13.1.4. internet usage information, including your Internet Protocol address ("IP Address"), browsing habits, click patterns, unique user ID, version of software installed, system type, screen resolutions, colour capabilities, plug-ins, language settings, cookie preferences, search engine keywords, JavaScript enablement, the content and pages that you access on the Website, and the dates and times that you visit the Website, paths taken, and time spent on sites and pages within the Website and Platform ("Usage Details"); and
13.1.5. additional information you may provide on a voluntary basis, such as demographic information or information related to your favourite social networking site (eg. the site name, address and description), or information relating to your participation in competitions, promotions, surveys, and/or additional services ("Optional Details").
13.2. How we collect information: Dimdaa collects the aforesaid information from you in the following manner:
13.2.1. User-provided Information: You provide certain of the aforesaid information directly to us as follows:
-Your Personal Details and Contact Details are provided by you during your registration for a User Account and/or thereafter by your having actively updated or supplemented your details.
- your Card Details will be provided by you each time you purchase a Coupon on the Website.
- Optional Details may be submitted by you to us if you decide to upload or download certain content (or products) from the Website, enter competitions, take advantage of promotions, respond to surveys, register and subscribe for certain additional services, or otherwise use the optional features and functionality of the Website.
13.2.2. "Cookies" Information: When you access the Website, we may send one or more cookies (small text files containing a string of alphanumeric characters) to your computer to collect certain Usage Details. Dimdaa may use both session cookies (which disappears after you close your browser) and persistent cookies (which remain after you close your browser which can be removed manually) and may be used by your browser on subsequent visits to the Website. Please note that the use of cookies is standard on the internet and many major websites use them. Please review your web browser "Help" file to learn more about modifying your cookie settings. Note: Some of our business partners (e.g. advertisers) use cookies on our Website. We have no access to or control over these cookies. This clause covers the use of cookies by Dimdaa only and does not cover the use of cookies by any advertisers.
13.2.3. Other tracking technology: When you access the Website or open one of our HTML emails, certain Usage Details may be automatically collected and recorded by us from your system by using different types of tracking technology.
13.2.4. Web Beacons: Our Website may contain electronic image requests (called a "single-pixel gif" or "web beacon" request) that allow us to count page views and to access cookies. Any electronic image viewed as part of a web page (including an ad banner) can act as a web beacon. Web beacons are typically 1-by-1 pixel files (so small that you would likely not realize that they are there), but their presence can usually be seen within a browser by clicking on "View" and then on "Source." We may also include web beacons in HTML-formatted newsletters that we send to opt-in subscribers in order to count how many newsletters have been read. Dimdaa web beacons do not collect, gather, monitor or share any personally identifiable information about you, they are just the technique we use to compile anonymous information about the Website and Service usage.
13.3. The purposes for which we collects the information: Dimdaa uses the information that you provide (or that we collect) to operate, maintain, enhance, and provide all of the features and Services, to allow us to track user-generated content and Users to the extent necessary to comply with all applicable laws. Dimdaa uses all of the information collected to understand the usage trends and preferences of our Users, to improve the way the Website or Services work and look, and to create new features and functionality. More specifically:
13.3.1. We use your Card Details only in order to process your purchase of a Coupon. It is important to note that we do not store your Card Details at all, which is why you must re-enter such details every time you make a purchase on the Website.
13.3.2. We use your Personal Details to greet you when you access your User Account, to manage and administer your use of the Services and fulfill our contractual obligations. More specifically, you acknowledge and agree that your full names and contact number if relevant may be disclosed to Merchants from whom you have purchased Coupons in order to enable you to redeem the relevant Products and to facilitate communication between you in relation to your redemption of the Coupons.
13.3.3. We use your Contact Details to verify your identity and to inform you of facts relating to your use of the Services (eg. notifications regarding major updates or content you have posted or downloaded from the Website, customer service notifications, and to address copyright infringement or defamation issues) as well as to inform you, subject to obtaining your prior consent, of competitions, promotions and special offers form us and/or our partners and/or affiliates. We use your email address to be able to deliver Coupons to you. We may also provide your email address and physical address details to Merchants from whom you have purchased Coupons, to the extent necessary in order to enable you to redeem the relevant Products (eg: where Products are to be delivered to you) and/or to facilitate communication between you in relation to your redemption of the Coupons.
13.3.4. We may use your Usage Details to:
- remember your information so that you will not have to re-enter it during your visit or the next time you access the Website;
- monitor aggregate Website usage metrics such as total number of visitors and pages accessed; and
- track your entries, submissions, and status in any promotions or other activities in connection with your usage of the Website.
13.3.5. We may use any Optional Details provided by you for such purposes as indicated to you at the time you agree to provide such Optional Details.

14. Security
14.1. Any person that delivers or attempts to deliver any damaging code to this Website or attempts to gain unauthorized access to any page on this Website shall be prosecuted and civil damages shall be claimed in the event that Dimdaa suffers any damage or loss.
14.2. You agree and warrant that your log-in name and password shall be used for your personal use only and shall not be disclosed to any third party. You are entirely responsible for the confidentiality of your password and should you disclose your user name or password to anyone else, such person is then deemed to be authorized to act as your agent for purposes of using the Website and you will be entirely responsible for anything done by such person on the Website. If you believe your password has become known to any third party, or that there may have been unauthorized use of your email address and/or User Account, you must notify us immediately thereof so as to possibly prevent or limit the potential losses suffered by you as a result.
14.3. You allow Dimdaa to take all reasonable steps to ensure the integrity and security of the Website and back-office applications.
14.4. All credit card transactions are Secure Socket Layers encrypted. Dimdaa's registration documents and the Website's registered domain name are checked and verified by Verisign.

15. Duration of & Change to these T&C
15.1. Dimdaa may, in its sole discretion, change these T&C or any part thereof at any time on notice to you. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are satisfied with the amendments. Should you not be satisfied with the amendments, you are entitled to terminate your User Account by notifying Dimdaa in writing to info@dimdaa.com and must refrain from making any further purchases on, or using in any way, the Website.
16. These T&C shall commence from the date on which they are published on the Website and continue indefinitely, as amended by Dimdaa from time to time (as described above), for so long as the Website exists and is operational, Dimdaa being entitled to terminate these T&C and/or shut down the Website at any time (subject to still processing any Coupon purchases already made).

17. Disputes
17.1. between you and Dimdaa: Save for urgent or interim relief which may be granted by a competent court, in the event of any dispute of any nature whatsoever arising between you and Dimdaa on any matter provided for in, or arising out of these T&C, and not resolved through the Customer Relations Department of Dimdaa, then such a dispute shall be submitted to confidential arbitration, to be held in Accra, in terms of the rules of the Chartered Institute of Arbitration, Ghana branch.
17.2. between you and a Merchant: Dimdaa is not your, or any Merchant's agent and will not act as either of your agent in connection with resolving any disputes between you and a Merchant.

18. Address for notices
Rupu chooses as its address for all purposes under these T&C, whether in respect of court process, notice, or other documents or communication of whatsoever nature, the following address:
26 Goodwill Street
Kokomlemle, Accra


19. Breach & Termination
19.1. You are entitled at any time to terminate your User Account and/or your relationship with Dimdaa on written notice to Dimdaa at info@dimdaa.com provided that any Coupon purchases already made by you which have not yet been redeemed will remain valid and enforceable against the relevant Merchant/s in accordance with these T&C. Because such Coupons would also have been emailed to you, you will still be able to access them. PLEASE NOTE HOWEVER that if for some reason you have a Coupon in your User Account which failed to reach you at your email address, or which you may have deleted from your email inbox, the termination of your User Account will serve to terminate any record of such Coupon and you will no longer be able to redeem it. Consequently, please ensure that all Coupons are redeemed, or that you have received them all at your email address, before terminating your User Account.
19.2. Dimdaa will be entitled to temporarily suspend or permanently terminate, your access to your User Account and/or some or all of the Services available via the Website as in its discretion deems appropriate should you breach any provision of these T&C and fail to remedy such breach (if capable of remedy) within a reasonable period after written notice thereof to you. In certain circumstances, where immediate suspension or termination is necessary to avoid possible harm to any Merchant/s, other User/s or Dimdaa itself, Dimdaa will be entitled to immediately suspend or terminate your access to your User Account and/or some or all Services to you, on notice to you.

20. Copyright & other intellectual property rights
20.1. Any and all copyright subsisting in the Website, including these T&C, vests in Dimdaa and all rights not expressly granted are reserved.
20.2. You may only download, view and print content from this Website for private and non-commercial purposes. To obtain permissions for the commercial use of any content on this Website, contact us at info@dimdaa.com for assistance.
20.3. Dimdaa cannot screen or edit all the content available from the Website and does not accept any liability for illegal, defamatory or obscene content. You are encouraged to inform Dimdaa of any content that may be offensive or illegal.
20.4. All the content, trademarks and data on this Website, including but not limited to, software, databases, text, graphics, icons, hyperlinks, private information, designs and agreements, are the property of or licensed to Dimdaa and as such are protected from infringement by local and international legislation and treaties.

21. Electronic communications
When you visit the Website or send e-mails to Dimdaa, you consent to receiving communications from Dimdaa electronically and agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures and other communications sent by Dimdaa satisfy any legal requirements, including but not limited to the requirement that such communications should be "in writing".

22. Hyperlinks, framing, spiders & crawlers
22.1. No person, business or web site may link to any page on this Website without the prior written permission of Dimdaa. Such permission could be obtained by contacting info@dimdaa.com
22.2. Hyperlinks provided on this Website to non-Dimdaa sites are provided as is and Dimdaa does not necessarily agree with, edit or sponsor the content on such web pages.
22.3. No person, business or web site may frame this site or any of the pages on this Website in any way whatsoever.
22.4. No person, business or web site may use any technology to search and gain any information from this Website without the prior written permission of Dimdaa. Such permission could be obtained from info@dimdaa.com

23. Governing law & Jurisdiction
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24. Severability
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25. Corporate Information
Dimdaa's information is as follows:
Full name: Dimdaa, a division of Idiama Systems Solutions, registered in Ghana,
Main business: Online Media Provider
Address for receipt of legal service:
26 Goodwill Street
Kokomlemle, Accra

Website: http://www.dimdaa.com
Official email address: info@dimdaa.com
Each Merchant's information will be disclosed in each Deal offered by such Merchant, or otherwise be made available to you on request, by contacting info@dimdaa.com